About Me

I'm a Print and Web Designer Based In Denver, Colorado.

Me, Andi Skene

It goes without saying that I enjoy art, gadgets, and geekery– particularly fantastic art, computers, video games, and comics. I'm currently residing in Denver, CO with my family, including our recent addition.

My Personal Philosophy is...

Do I work well under pressure? Naturally. Does bad design send me in paroxysms? I hate bad design as much as the next person but I promise you that walking into a lime green room won't send me into shrieking spasms. (That sounds stylish, actually.) I'm more interested in finding the right solutions, helping people wrap their creative efforts in a professional package.

I've been working as a professional graphic designer for the past seven years. Last year when the economy was starting it's nosedive, we made the decision to move from Upstate New York back to Denver so that I could get my bachelor's degree. I finished my studies in December of 2009, ready to expand my talents into digital art and the web.